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It's Time for Something New 

Photo by JT Tereskiewicz

Oh my goodness! We had a great time at Vinyl Music Hall and The Handlebar for the weekend of shows and I'm so grateful for all that came to participate! I'm consistently overwhelmed by the crowd at both venues and from the bottom of my heart I thank you!

As always it was my honor to get to play some songs with the immensely talented Denton Hatcher & The Soapbox Blues (who performed several songs with me on Hometown Money) and I even got to sing a lovely rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" with Miss Izzy Cox. So many beautiful memories were made this weekend that I will cherish for life. 

Last Friday was my birthday. I like to think of myself as "timeless" in terms of years (don't all cheeky women?), but I'm on the down-hill slope to 40. 

Well... I've been looking back on things, and there is a bittersweetenss to this birthday that is inspiring me deeply. The feelings bubbling up are transformative. 

I'm ready to take another turn in my art …. this time, one that I've been afraid to take until now.

I gained lots of practical knowledge from many beautiful musicians, engineers, producers and writers over the past several years and now I'm inspired to look further inward toward autonomy in my art.

Last season's record (Hometown Money) was the most light-hearted collection of songs to date. This season, my Iron Muse is whispering some more strange fiction. I'm so excited that the metal is still there… the same old rusty pistol is still under my pillow… waiting. 

There is Something Important that I haven't tried yet. 

I'm about to begin another run of my One Man Band Show this summer… and then when I return in October… (along with two other collaborative recording projects), I will be beginning my first entirely solo record, written, performed, engineered, (all that) and outfitted in hand made visual art by only me. It's finally time. In the past I have always had help with the engineering and accompaniment, so it will be a very interesting project to say the least! For better or worse, It Will Be Honest. And it will be Mine.

Wish me luck!

Take a look at this article by Jessica Forbes in the Independent News
T"Double Down With Betsy Badwater" by Jessica Forbes

Pictures from Miss Izzy Cox & Denton Hatcher Shows this Weekend 

Betsy Badwater & Miss Izzy Cox sing "You Are My Sunshine" ​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric KindleJordan Kimsey & Ashelea Penquite. ​photo by Ric KindleJT Tereszkiewicz. photo by Ric Kindle
My Practice Room. Photo by Troy Evans

At Handelbar. Photo by Troy Evans

Photo by Izzy Cox
Soundcheck at Vinyl. Photo by Izzy CoxJordan Kimsey before the birthday show at Vinyl. Photo by Ashelea Penquite

TONIGHT! Anson & Betsy in a Double-One-Man-Band Show 

 ***Busy tonight?*** Ya gotta eat so come hang out with me! One of my best buddies and my very first touring partner, D. Anson Brody is in town from Fort Worth, Texas! We will be giving a double One-Man-Band show at The East Hill Yard from 6-9pm. It's absolutely FREE. The food is great, plenty of nutritious craft beer to choose from, and it's been my experience that NO ONE comes out of a performance by Anson without having to pick their jaw up off the floor. You WILL say *WOW*. I will be doing my classic OMB, but also joining me on a handful of tunes will be the lovely and talented JT Tereszkiewicz . 
Here's a photo of Anson and me from our first tour together. We were playing somewhere in East Texas singing Andrew Delaney's "The Night I Killed Bubbles The Clown". I can't wait to see my friend tonight! It's been almost a year! We will be at the venue around 5pm if you want to come hang with us before we play! I know Anson has lots of friends who have been waiting SO long to see him on the Gulf Coast again!
Check out Anson's amazing work HERE:

Betsy's Birthday Weekend!! 

**NEWS!!!!** We are so excited to announce we just got confirmation on a package show with my touring buddies at VINYL MUSIC HALL, Pensacola, on FRIDAY AUGUST 1st (my birthday!!). The lineup will include our dear friends, Denton Hatcher & The Soap Box Blues from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, AND Miss Izzy Cox, from Austin, Texas! I am over the moon! Tell everybody!

Saturday, August 2nd, Denton, Izzy and I will be continuing the birthday weekend, rockin' it out at The Handlebar, Pensacola! We can't wait to see you!

If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to Denton Hatcher or Izzy Cox, check out these links! Your ears and heart will thank you! 

Denton Hatcher:
Miss Izzy Cox:

See you guys soon!

Pensacola Flood 

Last week the Gulf Coast got more that two feet of rain in a single day. Downtown flooded, friends had water up to their kitchen tables, cars and entire streets were washed away... and sadly some folks lost their lives. The helping agencies were not immune to the deluge, and the Manna Food Bank was damaged by the flood. 

THe beauty in the tragedy is that the local artists and musicians are coming together to help our community via a handful of fundraising concerts and hands-on projects. It seems like everyone wants to help and it feels really good to live in a community of people with such positive attitudes. 

Here's a rundown of the Flood Relief events/incentives that I know about right now: 

Saturday May 24 11am-11pm FIRST CITY ART CENTER -Glass blowing, live music (Betsy at 8:30pm -free Black Rooster T'shirts to the first 10 people to buy CDs), stand-up comedy, Art, Card reading, book, food and clothing drive
This show benefits Open Books of Pensacola, First City Art Center, and Manna Food Bank -All were damaged in the flood.

Saturday May 30 DOLCE VITA- Celebrity-signed and local art auction, live music (Betsy at 8:30pm), food and clothing drive
This show benefits Manna Food Bank

Month of May: BLACK SPARROW TATTOO STUDIO -5$ from every TShirt Sale will be donated to Manna Food Bank

As for what I'm doing:
ALL money from the next 30 Betsy Badwater CD Sales will be donated to Manna Food Bank and Red Cross of North West Florida
I'm personally offering labor for those who need help cleaning/clearing flooded homes/small businesses. I've got a good crew of real hard working nice people to help out around the neighborhood. Please email me if you or someone you know could use a hand. 

Let's get stuff Done! I love my town.


First Show of the Season: HANDLEBAR, Pensacola! 

We are super stoked for our first show of the season: Handlebar, Saturday April 19. I've got a new lineup of extra talented musicians and all-new songs that we spent all winter writing. Folks, this is some of the grooviest, head-bobbin'est, foot-tappin'est music I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of and these 10 new songs have NEVER been played live. Come be the first to hear the NEW and Improved Betsy Badwater. Josh Tereszkiewicz & Jordan Kimsey bring the BIG BIG voice out of me. Check it out: Betsy Badwater @ Handlebar, Saturday April 19

Big Saturday Coming Up! 

Hey everybody, I've got THREE Shows this Saturday:
11:30am: Southern Pines Blues & BBQ Festival, Perry, Florida
8pm: Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola Chris Thomas King at Vinyl Music Hall Info
11pm: House Concert Downtown Pensacola (email me for an invitation)

After this Saturday we are focusing our full attention to a project that's been in the works for a while. The past year has been cathartic and new *exciting* opportunities are in our hands! We'll keep you posted. In the mean time, stay warm, and we'll see you in the spring! Thank you for your support!


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