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Pictures from Miss Izzy Cox & Denton Hatcher Shows this Weekend 

We had a great time at Vinyl Music Hall and The Handlebar for my birthday and I'm so grateful for all that came to participate! 
As always it was my honor to get to play some songs with the immensely talented Denton Hatcher & The Soapbox Blues (who performed several songs with me on Hometown Money) and I even got to sing a lovely rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" with Miss Izzy Cox. So many beautiful memories were made this weekend. 
Betsy Badwater & Miss Izzy Cox sing "You Are My Sunshine" ​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric Kindle​photo by Ric KindleJordan Kimsey & Ashelea Penquite. ​photo by Ric KindleJT Tereszkiewicz. photo by Ric Kindle
My Practice Room. Photo by Troy Evans

At Handelbar. Photo by Troy Evans

Photo by Izzy Cox
Soundcheck at Vinyl. Photo by Izzy CoxJordan Kimsey before the birthday show at Vinyl. Photo by Ashelea Penquite

Pensacola Flood 

Last week the Gulf Coast got more that two feet of rain in a single day. Downtown flooded, friends had water up to their kitchen tables, cars and entire streets were washed away... and sadly some folks lost their lives. The helping agencies were not immune to the deluge, and the Manna Food Bank was damaged by the flood. 

THe beauty in the tragedy is that the local artists and musicians are coming together to help our community via a handful of fundraising concerts and hands-on projects. It seems like everyone wants to help and it feels really good to live in a community of people with such positive attitudes. 

Here's a rundown of the Flood Relief events/incentives that I know about right now: 

Saturday May 24 11am-11pm FIRST CITY ART CENTER -Glass blowing, live music (Betsy at 8:30pm -free Black Rooster T'shirts to the first 10 people to buy CDs), stand-up comedy, Art, Card reading, book, food and clothing drive
This show benefits Open Books of Pensacola, First City Art Center, and Manna Food Bank -All were damaged in the flood.

Saturday May 30 DOLCE VITA- Celebrity-signed and local art auction, live music (Betsy at 8:30pm), food and clothing drive
This show benefits Manna Food Bank

Month of May: BLACK SPARROW TATTOO STUDIO -5$ from every TShirt Sale will be donated to Manna Food Bank

As for what I'm doing:
ALL money from the next 30 Betsy Badwater CD Sales will be donated to Manna Food Bank and Red Cross of North West Florida
I'm personally offering labor for those who need help cleaning/clearing flooded homes/small businesses. I've got a good crew of real hard working nice people to help out around the neighborhood. Please email me if you or someone you know could use a hand. 

Let's get stuff Done! I love my town.


Betsy's Sweet Potato Pie Recipe 

I think just about every truly Southern woman has a special thang she cooks around the holiday times, a "braggin' pie" or something like that. Being a purely Southern lady myself I love to be in the kitchen, too. Well, today, with plenty of time between now and Christmas, I want to share my Sweet Potato Pie recipe. I finally got this sucker dang near exactly how I want it. I'd love to sell it to Sara Lee and retire, but I'm afraid they'd forget to put the love in there, so I'ma give it to y'all instead! Enjoy!

Betsy's Sweet Potato Pie:

ginger snap cookies & walnuts (I put em in a clean smooth cotton cloth and smash em with my "kitchen claw hammer"-I don't have a food processor),
Pensacola Bay Brewery Blackbeard Stout (just til the cookies are slightly moist),
just enough butter to hold the crumbles together.
Smash that into your pie tins about a quarter inch thick

mash baked sweet potatoes til they're super smooth (about 3 taters per pie. Again, I don't use power tools, so I whisk them taters til my triceps burn),
dark brown sugar (I don't measure I taste. It's probably about a cup),
salted butter (bout half a stick),
teaspoon or more of vanilla,
cinnamon & nutmeg (A lot. Probably a couple tablespoons of cinnamon and half as much nutmeg -taste it)
salt (the salt is the secret, now. add the salt last and you need just enough to bring out the nutmeg a lil bit.)
wip 3 eggs and fold those in

marshmallows & walnuts

Assemble the pies and bake at 350 about 45 minutes or so while you stir this awesome glaze:

Reduce 12 oz Blackbeard Stout, 1/2 c honey, 1/2 c black coffee, 4 oz unsweetened dark chocolate, about 1 1/2-2c dark brown sugar, 2 tbs vanilla
in a saucepot until it becomes caramelized and looks like black molasses.
This makes enough glaze to drizzle on your pies after they cook and have extra to keep in the fridge in a glass jelly jar for a week or so to drizzle in your coffee, icecream, punkin pie, and believe it or not, glaze a ham. It's soooo good. It makes anything taste better.

Serve this pie hot with a cold stout, or cold with a black coffee. Perfect!Merry Christmas!!


Back Home/Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival 

Hey Everybody! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm back on the Gulf Coast now after a successful 57 show tour of 9 southern states. It was a great ride with my friends Izzy Cox, Denton Hatcher, Cody Ruth, Scott Sibley, Andrew Delaney & D.Anson Brody. Traveling and sharing music with my friends all over the South was just what the doctor ordered! I have learned that I LOVE the road and being in a new town every night, but it sure feels good to be home! 

I'll see you next week at the Flora-Bama in Orange Beach, Alabama for the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival. I'll be in the main room for Wild Women Writers Night riding shotgun with the super talented Lisa Christian at 11:30pm!

Thank You! 

A special Thank You to everyone who came out and supported the new Release of Hometown Money Staurday, August 17.  See pictures from the event in my albums on this site. If you wern't able to make it out, check the schedule below for a possible date near you and thanks for listening.




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